Nikita Purnama Willy, born in Jakarta at June the 29th 1994. She is the big sister of Winona Willy, her only one little sister. Nikita’s parents introduce her into art of acting since she was 8, from commercial ad to big titles of drama series and movies. Many achievements has been reached in a row through her acting skill expert. It leads Nikita to her big dream, to be recognized not only in Indonesia but also worldwide, she has an eager to pursue her dream.

Travelling around the world is also her desire. Through the journey, Nikita feels something that she never felt before, she always feel something new.
Lately, Nikita also becomes vegetarian. Based on many things, she wants to become an animal and eco friendly person.

Becoming many brands ambassador suppose Nikita to maintain her image. She also had been tv show host, it means whatever that makes her feel challenged she’ll do it lovingly. Nikita loves her job in this world of entertainment.